Internet Girl

Hello readers!

The internet is a vast place for knowledge, memes, and cute animal photos. I wonder where my place in the interwebs should be. I want to use this blog post to reflect on my internet journey and to where I wish to go.

My first true interactions online happened on AIM and Xanga. In my pre-teen years, I was not allowed to have a Myspace so my sister and I went around this by creating an Xanga. My username was cabbagepatchcutie96. Thankfully, Xanga took down all the profiles that had not been touched in ten years.

After AIM and Xanga, I took a hiatus online due to being a kid and not owning a computer. Around middle school, Facebook hit the hallways like a storm. I started posting silly photos of my friends and I like I was running a personal webpage. Once high school came around, I realized I did not like having my full name online so that page quickly ended. I have only recently started a new Facebook account to keep up with college events.

Around 2009, Twitter was introduced into my online world. This was the TIME to be a 13 year old fangirl for any pop band to exist at the time. I used this site to post meaningless tweets and connect with other similar teenage girls. This is where I met all my friends in real life today. The twitter I use currently is my main platform, my personal account is not under my name so that I can be freely myself without worrying about my professional life.

Instagram became a big deal for me in 2014 when I started to get involved into photography. I still post regularly on there and have connected with some of my favorite artists that I admire on the app. As for my professional brand, I am not sure where Instagram will lead itself into my future.

This brings us to today, where I am sitting in my PJ’s at midnight eating chocolate. This WordPress site is news to me but it might stay around for my professional brand after this course. I am excited to have a blank canvas to showcase my name and what I am excited to do. I want to share more personal stories about having a family member with autism and help others who might have similar experiences to me.

Until next post,

Kindle Kreis


Spread the word to end the word.

Spread the word to end the word.

Nothing makes me flinch more than hearing the “R” word using as an insult. For those who do not know what I am referring to, I am talking about the misuse of the word “retarded” as a derogatory term. I have noticed over the past few years that the “R” word is running out of the public’s vocabulary but every so often it will resurface in an ignorant mouth. The “R” word is incredibly damaging to individuals with an intellectual disability and the use of the word is incredibly distasteful.

It is 2017. Everytime I hear someone use the word, I think about how it is 2017 and the word is still being used as an insult. Back in 2008, I remember coming across an open letter by John Franklin Stephens describing a first hand account on how demeaning the word can be. Reading the hardships this word gave Stephens broke my heart for such an accomplished man. Having a disability does not make someone any less of a person than anyone else. It breaks my heart that such a nasty word is used against the kindest souls. This letter will always resurface in my mind when I hear the word out loud.

There are so many reasons to why the world should cut the “R” word out of your vocabulary. The negative connotation of the word has affected the community in so many ways. The R-Word campaign has a very informative page on the transition of the word “retarded” out of clinical descriptions and laws against the use of the word. Rosa’s Law was passed in 2010 to change federal health education and labor policy to use the term “intellectual ability” rather than mental retardation. To think a derogatory term went so to change federal law really blows my mind. I truly hope one day the “R”-word will no longer be used in such a hateful way.

Being a caregiver

For four years, I worked as a caregiver for an organization called Families for Effective Autism Treatment in North Texas. Every couple of weeks, a support group run by a few incredible leaders held their arms out open to the public to give back everything that they have learned. The support group that I worked for was focused on parents or guardians with Autistic children. It was here that I realized how beautiful and giving strangers who have never met can be.

This support group, which I will always brag on, was one of the most rocking organizations there probably will ever be. FEAT is a national non-profit holds support groups and workshops to educate the community on different therapy methods. The main focus is to improve education and teaching theories with Applied Behavior Analysis.  The parents received first hand experience and advice on everything from school districts to which doctors they would recommend. I was not involved in the educational side, I was always in the other room with another caregiver, usually my mother who also worked there, with the kids so their parents/guardians could attend the meetings. I was able to watch many of these kids grow up and excel which will always be the most rewarding experience for me.

While I did find my part of my place in the community through this job, I am also a sister to a brother on the spectrum. For privacy reasons, I do not want to dive too far into this at this time. But I do want to tell you about how my brother is kind of the coolest person alive. He is the most empathic person that has ever walked this earth and I work hard because of his love. I could not live this Earth and know that I am not actively trying to better the world for my brother and others which is why I am here today.

What is a brand and what am I?

Hello interwebs and possibly beyond. My name is Kindle Kreis and I am currently sitting in my living room typing this blog post. I am not one to have a blog or to use the internet for anything other than bad memes and seeing what bands are rolling into town. My Social Media Marketing class requires that we create a brand for ourselves, so here we are. I only warn my readers that this is a project so they will see past the rough edges of someone creating a brand around themselves when they do not know much about themselves.

This blog is going to be dedicated to my journey throughout my career through this semester and possibly further. Other than this page, nothing else exists under my name online which I have carefully crafted my entire life. So, this is my first, authentic introduction to the world wide web.

This project is themed around having a personal brand and at first I was really unsure on how I wanted to be seen. “On-Brand” is a popular slang term used to joke when something is really related to yourself. When I think about what makes up who I am, there is too much to label myself to one category. Throughout this project, I have changed what my brand is so many times until I really resonated with one important aspect of my life.

My brand is being an advocate to the Autistic community and hopefully using my own brand to help others in as many ways as I can discover. I want to use my newfound online presence to talk about subjects I find important in the Autistic community and raise awareness to organizations that I hold dear to my heart. So strangers, I welcome you to the only corner of the internet that I truly call my own.